MEMORY: I am riding my bike in the Valmasque. I feel so strong. I am fully focused on placing the bike on the tricking pathway. I love flying on my bike across the dirt tracks. I am surrounded by nature. I feel calm, at ease and super strong and fit. I feel that no one can go faster than me. I am the best and fittest. I feel empowered, strong, and feel I could keep going for hours. I am fulfilles, connected to nature and my body. I feel happy and healthy. I feel my lungs burning but know that this is contributing to making me even healthier than I am. I am so grateful to having the body I have. I feel mentally so strong, ready to go into battle knowing that no one is better than me. 

FUTURE: I am about to film a sequence for a client. I am not a film pro, nor am I a social media pro, but somehow I know I will manage. I will stay calm use the knowledge I have acquired over the last few months and succeed. the client will be happy. I will be focused, calm, organised and I will feel truly fulfilled to have succeeded in making the client happy! I feel confident in front of the client. We have a bit of banter. The atmosphere is relaxed. I know I can do it. I look forward to the challenge: interviewing the client (I love doing this, asking the right questions to get the best answers), I chat with Rainer to find the best spots. I trust in him as he does with me. After a long day we wrap things up. Both of us are satisfied. It has been a good day!   

FUTURE: I am with Mika, we are about to film a sequence to add more content to our portfolio. I have to produce the material and create several videos in different formats. It's a hard process for me, but I know I can manage. I have the tools (camera, equipment, computer, software and tutos to succeed), I just have to stay calm and trust that I can do it. Deep down I am managing, I accept and thrive in the challenge. On the shoot I think and capture the right sequences, I use my intuitive skills to see and capture tstuff that others don't see. I make people feel at ease withe me by cracking the odd joke and by NOT fearing the worst. I am prepared and have planned, everything is happening perfectly. I am ready to improvise, change plans whenever needed. I stay calm, relaxed and lighthearted about the whole situation no matter what. I follow my script (but am ok to change plans when needed). All in all we're able to capture some great material. I get great A and B roll material. I know what to capture for the different video and social media vignettes. We do testimnoial interviews that go really well. People are happy to give us their time and positive feedback on the course. All in all twenty by Ten and our Padel Experience are a huge success. 

Location: Single Note